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Lennon Courtney The Brand

10 years of Lennon Courtney

Lennon Courtney at

Dunnes Stores

In September 2015, Lennon Courtney created a licensed brand called Lennon Courtney at Dunnes Stores, for sale exclusively at the retail giant. The move transformed the positioning and impact of the contemporary womenswear label and changed the business model to make the range more accessible and widely distributed online and instore. Lennon Courtney at Dunnes Stores now sells into 30 countries and has amassed legions of loyal clients who see the brand as the thinking woman’s solution professional dressing.

The Loving Wolf

The Loving Wolf is a methodology for releasing your own power to control the controllable and grow your confidence, while retaining kindness and empathy for yourself and others.  Whether you feel stuck, limited and or in need of confidence, at work, at home and beyond, we will help you howl.


The Loving Wolf is a conversation,  a live broadcast, a web series and a podcast. It will become  a physical book and event hosted and authored by Sonya and Brendan, with valuable input from sectoral experts. Also pivotal, are the community of women who are challenged everyday to be Loving Wolves, who are ready to embed this power and thrive. 

Published Authors

Sonya and Brendan have written two books on Style and personal image,  drawing from their experience as stylists and presenters of makeover show Off The Rails (RTE). Their scope of experience has broadened considerably as they have navigated their own journey of business development and advocacy. Based on this, they are currently working on their third book, The Loving Wolf.

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