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One of Ireland’s best known and well-loved TV Presenters, Broadcaster, Activist and Designer.  Brendan Courtney has established himself as an intelligent, insightful generous host, on “Keys to my Life”, his original TV format currently broadcasting Sunday nights RTE1.  At the same time, he is one of Ireland’s most trusted, empathetic and safe pair of hands on his recent 'Live Studio' series,  RTE1’s ‘Ireland on Call’ .


Starting his career as a TV researcher he has been a TV Presenter for over 20 years. He has hosted countless TV series in Ireland and the UK including his own self titled terrestrial TV talk show. Selling his first TV format ‘Wanderlust” to 19 countries, he went on to start, run and successfully exit his  London based TV production company 'Giant film & TV'. 

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Brendan also runs his own successful women’s wear fashion label ‘Lennon Courtney’ with his business partner Sonya Lennon, with whom he has also co-written two No.1 books on confidence and style.

Using his profile to advocate for equality in the areas of health, housing, age and gender he recently achieved first-class honours in Europe's first Masters of Business (MBA) Degree in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. 

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His TV series “This Crowded House” examined the housing crisis and both of his recent  ‘We need to talk about Dad” and ‘We need to talk about Mam’ dealt with aging, housing, health care and the family, and fuelled legal reform in Ireland.

Brendan was one of the key public faces of the ‘Yes Equality’ Marriage Referendum and as Ireland's first openly Gay TV presenter, he has always crusaded for equality across gender, LGBTQ, age and housing.   He is a regular corporate speaker on Equality, Inclusion & Diversity to audiences across the Globe.

His unique approach, engaging voice and personal story inspires awareness and makes an impact for positive change. 


Brendan lives between his homes in London and Dublin, his dog Nancy-Drew minds the Dublin home when he and Adam his partner are away. A Transcendental Meditation practitioner Brendan is also a qualified Animal Flow instructor.

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