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Whether he is presenting LIVE Studio Show ‘Ireland on Call” or his feel good factual entertainment  series “Keys to my Live” or authoring a compelling documentary, at the core of his work is a drive to advocate for equality through listening and empathy.


Brendan’s self authored documentaries ‘Alias Ricky Gervais’ ‘Living with Boy George’ and most recently “We need to talk about Dad” have won him audience and critical acclaim, with the Irish Film & TV Academy hosting a tribute cinema screening and Q&A.


Brendan is currently in production on series 3 of his original format 

“Keys to My Life”, which will broadcast on RTE1 Sunday nights 8:30pm. ‘This is your life’ meets ‘Through the Keyhole’ Brendan takes celebrities back through the halls of their past to find out how the places they have lived have shaped who they have become.

Brendan's TV work through the years

Over 20 years of TV Presenting in Ireland and the UK

"I created and presented my first TV show for RTE, in 1999, I was a researcher on day time TV show ‘Open House’ when I wrote WANDERLUST, it was commissioned within 8 weeks, it is generally accepted that Wanderlust was ahead of its time, the internet blind date travel format was sold into 19 territories catapulting my career from a £250 a week researcher to a ‘helicoptered into MIP Cannes’  TV presenter, aged 26.  Below I have chartered my TV career chronologically over the last 20 years, with small notes and descriptions of each show, I have left out quite a few, but these are the main ones."

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