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Brendan’s professional journey as an award winning TV presenter and designer coupled with his personal story has led to him becoming an inspirational advocate for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.  


Hs unique approach, engaging voice and story has made Brendan a sought after speaker to inspire awareness and impact for positive change. 

Brenden was a fantastic MC at our Diversity & Inclusion event, effortlessly connecting speakers, themes and topics from start to finish. He had the right balance of empathy & humour to engage the audience and ensure they were included in the whole experience while also speaking openly about his own journey. Brendan spent a lot of time getting to know our values and our company and this all added to the great success of the event on the day.

We are proud to have Brendan as  a Volvo ambassador, he hosts the Volvo Regatta each year where  he brings an air of confidence and trust that is 100% in line with our brand , the audience love his wit, charm and honesty.

Turn the clock forward

Equality  Diversity & Inclusion

Stripping Fashion back

Bringing men in from the cold

Big & small story telling


His personal & professional stories of triumph and acceptance in the face of adversity, resonates on every level of business, education  and advocacy.

An award winning broadcaster and TV Host for 20 years, he is renowned for his warmth and honesty in his delivery and storytelling

An MC and awards host with a string of credits including Arts, Tech and Entertainment  Awards he is know for keeping the event moving, slick and funny.


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